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Inspired by how traces in old inhabited spaces develop, like for example a water stain or a patch of mould, I set out to make a collection in which the trace that takes over the surface would be the connector. Each object is connected to the others by a print but is also reminiscent of where it came from.The result is in part an installation, of which the original setting cannot be revisited by the end-user. The images of the installation tell the story of how the products came to being. 

Each object refers back to the original placement within the space. 

The cardinal points which are engraved on the labels of each individual object indicate where it originated: 

lat: 52.258565

lng: 4.553587. 

Next to that, each individual label shows a serial number: 

.001 - .005, 

giving away that next to the object acquired there are several others that belong together.


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